Active Authors™

The Active Authors™ books and teachers' guides are easy to use and specifically designed to improve writing instruction for the 13 types of errors young writers make:







Focus and Extra Information

Focus and Length

Descriptive Language

Word Choice



Transition Words and Phrases

  • Affordable

  • Information-based

  • Improves teacher efficacy

  • Promotes positive communication

  • Differentiated for multiple learners

  • Easily incorporated into any curriculum

  • Engaging and beautiful

Make Teachers' Lives Easier While Achieving Results

Every book in the Active Authors™ series contains two versions of an engaging children's story: One version with a specific writing error and another version with the error corrected.

The unique format of these books allows teachers to provide effective feedback to learners without criticizing student work directly. 

I swam under the water and held my breath. That’s when I saw a stingray. 

As I warmed up, I swam deep, stayed still, and held my breath. I listened to the murky sounds of gulping, surging water. I was peering through my fogging goggles when I saw a smooth, sleek, silky stingray billowing through the crisp water. It felt like I was in a different world.

Lack of Descriptive Language
Descriptive Language Added