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About Katebini Creative®

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Katebini Creative® is a company that provides educational materials for schools and families. We focus on creating meaningful, information-based tools that make the lives of educators and parents easier. 

Today, we have more information about education than ever before. As a field of study, education continues to gain more prestige as competitive doctors fight for funding towards well-thought-out ideas.


Schools and teachers keep up with best practice through professional development and advanced degrees. However, schools still do not have all the support they need to implement everything that has been learned.


In some cases, the more teachers learn, the more pressure there is to perform more complex and meaningful tasks… without any extra support.


Similarly, parenting has changed greatly in the past few generations. The expectations and role of a parent has increased and changed. Parents are expected to have more knowledge about child development and report feeling more parenting judgment and shame from their community.


Here at Katebini Creative® we approve the notion that knowledge should be passed to teachers and parents. However, we are not so keen on passing judgments, shame, and disapproval. Our products are designed to make the lives of teachers and parents easier. They are information-based, kid-friendly, and easy to use.

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